OSHA Update (written materials plus test)-BONUS HIPAA update

Let’s face it…most OSHA training courses are anything but fun.  Join us for a class that will change your mind forever.  It’s fast, it’s informative, it’s fun, and it satisfies your annual OSHA requirements.  We’ll cover the newest infection control guidelines, new disease information, and other relevant regulations.

As a bonus, there is also annual HIPAA training and checklists!


Entertaining Training, LLC


After attending this course, participants should be able to:

Understand the importance of standard precautions and the use of PPE in the dental office

Recognize the importance of the CDC’s infection control guidelines and training for the dental health care worker

Recognize the role of regulatory and risk management issues in dentistry

Understand updated requirements for HIPAA regulations in the dental environment

Identify strategies that can prevent occupational exposures to blood and body fluids, ALL without being put to sleep!